• Fr. Howard Thompson

Advent Byte

Our God who made us desires our salvation, not just of our souls, but of our entire being. We hear of God’s mercy richly bestowed on Elizabeth (Lk. 1:58). Mercy is understood as purifying us from our sins (Mal. 3:3), and therefore creating a ‘new’ heart, mind, spirit and body. The recreated body of an ageing Elizabeth gave birth to John, while the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. God loves the entire human person, and wants us completely.

As we ponder the gift of the Incarnation — the Word became flesh — we can appreciate the deeper meaning of what it means to worship our Saviour. Jesus did not just offer His words and Spirit, but He sacrificially offered His entire self, Body and Blood, on the cross for our wholistic salvation. We are commanded to love the Lord with our entire self because God is mercifully saving our total person. Today, give the Lord our all and be blessed.

Lord Jesus, You created us because You love us and desire that we be with You forever. May we return Your love by freely giving You our entire selves with joy. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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