• Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

When the word of the Lord hits our core, what is our initial and habitual response? There are two ways we can respond. The first is to receive what we hear in humility, and seek the Spirit’s guidance as to how we can change, or get the required help that is identified. The second is to resist the word, and retaliate with angry and unkind words. The first leads to spiritual growth. The latter keeps one in spiritual blindness. When we reject the light of the word of the Lord, our blindness will eventually cause us to fall into a pit (Lk. 6:39). Our pride prevents us from not seeing the “wooden beam“ in our own eyes even as we lash out at the splinter in the other’s eye (Lk. 6:41). Our ego inspires us to seek and surround ourselves with people who are also blind, keeping everyone in the dark. Today, allow the light of the Lord to lead us to change. Lord Jesus, You are our shining sun who leads us out of darkness into Your light. May we humbly embrace Your word and choose to be beacons of Your tender love to all. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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