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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

Every relationship evolves and even requires a ‘vaccine’ to enhance ‘new life’. A couple who often observes a particular routine of relating, may opt to make changes ever so often, so that new dimensions of adventure and joy may be explored. Date night may be changed to a different day and time. Familiar places of entertainment or vacation may yield to locating different venues and events. A surprise poem or gift for no reason may bring delight.

This reality is also true in the spiritual life. Jesus speaks of “new wine in fresh wineskins” and taking comfort in the “old wine” without the new (Lk. 5:38-39). The latter may yield a familiar joy, and so there is no need for the new. But when the “old wine” runs out, one has to get “new wine”. Today, go on a new spiritual adventure: try a ‘new form’ or new place of prayer; fast from a habitual vice or food item; do something new for the Lord. Take the initiative to do something different for and with the Lord, so that new joys can be celebrated.

Lord Jesus, You are the ‘new wine’ who bring joy and peace into our lives. May Your Spirit guide us, so that we may never hesitate to strengthen and nourish our relationship with You. May our new spiritual adventures lead to Your glory and our good. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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