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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

2020 will certainly be regarded worldwide as a year of infamy. The Coronavirus pandemic; record hurricanes and heat indices; floods and earthquakes; the downturn in economic growth and rise in unemployment and political crises; racial and ethnic injustice; loss of lives and property, are but some of the painful indicators of a really difficult year. Yet, can anything be redeemed in a year that is not yet finished, but one that we yearn to end? One answer is highlighted in today’s gospel. Jesus, at the beginning of His ministry, declares a “year acceptable to the Lord” (Lk. 4:19). Each measure of time — a day, month or year — is unique, but never outside of God’s providential presence. History shows that there will always be celebrations and challenges from one generation to the next. Each celebration is a gift. Each challenge is an opportunity to grow. Our strength has to be placed in the faithful presence of God who is with us always. If we apply ourselves to build God’s kingdom, it will ease our minds as we get on with daily living. Lord Jesus, You are the Lord of all times, places and events. Help us to trust in Your power, imitate Your ways, and daily walk confidently into the joys of Your eternal kingdom. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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