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We continue exploring the ‘inside-outside’ theme that Jesus presents in the gospel. Masks or facial make-up can present a ‘face’ that may be disconnected from the interior state. A person can put on a happy face while battling pains inside the body. People can smile with you while harbouring plots against you. Jesus berates the Scribes and Pharisees for their appearing righteous on the outside but are hypocrites on the inside (Mt. 23:28). There are three types of interior/exterior disconnect that one can ponder. The first is the deliberate choice made, where the person speaks one thing but has already chosen to live another reality, as seen in philosophers and politicians. The second is where the person says one thing, but the intention and will are too weak to do it. The third is where ego is mixed with mental disorder, which often leads to “killing“ prophets and people (Mt. 23:32). Every believer knows the struggle to align one’s words with one’s actions. It is a constant spiritual battle that demands patience, while humbly acknowledging where one falls in the three identified categories of disconnect. Since we are not Jesus, we waste time pointing the finger at others when each of us has work to do on ourselves. The good news is that the blood of Jesus cleans our ‘outside’, while the Spirit purifies our ‘inside’. Lord Jesus, bathe us with Your blood and fill us with Your Spirit. May we yield to Your grace and portray goodness in our lives, both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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