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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

What is the aim of every relationship? It is to grow in mutual love. This love seeks the joy and happiness of the other as it seeks to “win over” the other (Mt. 18:15). However, since every individual is different, there has to be a constant and intentional approach to keep the flame of love burning by working through moments of peace or conflict. Love that flows in times of stability should not be withheld in instances of disruption. Jesus reveals how love is to be applied in any negative experience. It is ideal for the two people to meet and seek reconciliation. If one is stubborn, then getting a witness or a group to assist in resolving the issue is to be applied (Mt. 18:15-17). What is insightful, is that Jesus says to treat the obstinate as a Gentile or tax collector, the latter He called to be a Disciple and the former for whom He died. Love knows no limits. Lord Jesus, You came to reconcile us to our Father. Help us to learn how to love each other in good times and in bad, so that our lives may give You joy, as we strive to advance Your kingdom through our mutual practice of patience, mercy and conversion. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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