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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

The cry of Peter, “Lord save me” (Mt. 14:30) is our cry too. As Peter was rescued by Jesus from drowning in the sea, we can be assured that our God will come to save us. When the winds of depression, anxiety, doubt or worry come crashing into our lives, Jesus rushes to our aid, catches us and restores His gifts of calm and peace. It is interesting to note that Peter was able to walk on the water, until he began to pay more attention to the strength of the wind (Mt. 14:29-30) than to the power of Jesus. When we habitually train our minds to let go of fear, but instead keep our eyes of faith on the Lord, it is then that we will rest securely in the arms of the Lord. Hear my cry for help O Lord, and come quickly to my assistance. May I always keep my eyes on You, and take full confidence in Your power to deliver to me . Amen.


Fr. Howie


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