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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

The power of our Creator can never be limited by the weakness of the creature. When God speaks, all creation comes into existence. When Jesus speaks, the ordinary elements of bread and wine become His body and blood. Miracles that defy scientific explanation are signs of the presence of our God who heals. So effective is the grace that flows from God that even an atheist can validly baptise in a case of emergency. Since God’s word brings into being what is said, then the only limitation to its effects is an unwillingness to believe (Mt. 13:58) and a deliberate attempt to deny its power by seeking to convince ourselves and others that the instrument being used is ‘known’ and unworthy (Mt. 13:54-57). However, despite the many conspiracy theories, false witnesses and cries of ‘crucify Him’, the power of God is alive and will achieve its purpose. Today, pray for an increase in faith, let go of doubt and claim God’s power in your life. Lord Jesus, Your loving power provides for all our needs. Teach us how to daily claim Your grace in our lives, which we believe will always be sufficient for life’s journey. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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