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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

In today’s explanation of the parable of the sower (Mt. 13:18-23), it is important to note two truths. The first is that the seed (word of God) not only has the potential to bear fruit when sown, but also that it is perfect in its own state. Wherever the seed is sown, it always has the capacity to be effective and fulfil its role to yield crop. Since there is no deficiency in the seed, then the second truth is to recognise the reality of the receptacle. If we prefer simplistic thinking rather than seek understanding, retreat from our faith when trials surface, get distracted by our worries and drained from the efforts we expend to gain wealth, we prevent the seed from growing. If the seed is to take root and bear much fruit in our lives, we have to identify the barriers of resistance and rebellion to the word. Wearing a mask today keeps out the COVID-19 virus. We need to recognise the mask worn that keeps out the seed or prevents it from achieving its full potential in our lives. Today, be good soil for the seed. Lord Jesus, may the word You sow find a home in our receptive hearts and minds. May our lives be the good soil in which Your word bears much fruit. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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