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Daily Byte

In today’s gospel, Jesus declares, “They look but do not see, and hear but do not listen or understand” (Mt. 13:13). In a home, numerous examples of this statement can be gleaned. A husband can see his wife after returning from work, but fails to notice her new hairdo. A wife can be sitting with her husband while he shares some of his struggles, but she is lost in her own thoughts and fails to compassionately listen or even try to understand. A child can be so distracted in using the smartphone, that the other family members are either ‘invisible’ or ‘mute’ because of the focus on the device. If it is so easy to be blind and deaf to those with whom we live, then how much more of a challenge is it to pay attention to our God who we cannot see, or to listen to His voice that we find hard to hear and understand? Jesus knew this truth about human existence and relating with God. He was physically seen, but ignored for who He was as Saviour. He was heard, but usually misunderstood by those who did not accept Him. Yet by seeking His Father’s face and by listening to Him in prayer, Jesus remained steadfast in His mission to save us from our sins. Let us seek the Lord and listen to Him, for He is our salvation. Speak Lord, and help us to listen and understand. May we see Your guiding hand and face in all activities of our lives, so that we will celebrate Your goodness forever. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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