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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

We are defined by our relationships. Our relationships with our parents, family and friends provide a simultaneous centre and sense of our identity, values, mindset and outlook. Our connection to our country, and affiliation to a specific political party, instils purpose and pride as citizens. The relationship with one’s Church, Mosque, Temple, Synagogue or other place of worship defines the individual’s faith life and approach to spirituality. Jesus reveals a real connection and relationship with His Father. He states, “No one knows the Father except the Son, and no one knows the Son except the Father” (Mt. 11:27). We can be in relationships with others, but the quality and bonds will not be on the same level and intensity with all. Since Jesus reveals the Father, then our relationship with our Lord must be our priority, and defined by lives of love that reflect that we are His children. Lord Jesus, You are eternally connected to the Father and Holy Spirit. May our relationship with You be the basis on which we build our lives of faith, hope and love. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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