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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

Every individual is precious, unique and matters in the eyes of God. We assign labels such as ‘black and white’, ‘east and west’, ‘right wing and left wing’. These labels often feed into a false mindset of one group being better than the other. Since God is our Father and we are made in His image and likeness, then everyone is blessed and equal. Jesus affirms the dignity of each person beyond labels in today’s gospel (Mt. 8:5-17). The Roman who approached Him is considered an enemy of the Jews. The Roman’s slave and a woman were second class citizens. Yet Jesus healed all who were brought to Him for attention. Today, let love and healing cross all lines and labels. Lord Jesus, You died for each and all because of Your love for us. Pour Your healing upon us, so that we will see and celebrate the dignity of each person. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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