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We are influenced by the ‘pride and prejudice’ of our environment. A close-knit family will engender a sense of ‘pride’ in the bonds and relationships that exist. A family with a history of separation or divorce will see individuals having an innate ‘prejudice’ against those who seem to have happy families, or even struggle in their own relationships as they battle their own hurt, anger and fear. This is also true of our environment in which we live. A Church or Society that is active with various ministries of care and who strive to grow in their spiritual lives, will have a certain sense of joy and peace in their identity. But where there are factions and fighting, based on power struggles, biases, unspiritual attitudes and lives, these prejudices will threaten the unity of the group and distort the individual lives. Since a chain is as strong as its weakest link, and no individual or group is perfect, the only way believers can positively grow and make a change for the better, is to daily solidify our relationship with our God. The images of salt and light (Mt. 5:13,14) are meant to motivate us to add ‘flavour’ and ‘illumination’ for a tastier and brighter way of life. We can only do this by drawing strength from our God, the source of all that is good. Holy Spirit, fill us with Your power, so that our lives may be ‘good food’ for others, and our light may inspire others to give You the praise and glory which You deserve. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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