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A life of authenticity requires a full-time commitment to aligning our intentions, words and actions. Any one, two or three of these can be rooted in evil. If my good action in reciting lengthy prayers is based on my egotistical intention of winning praise from others, or my intention is to devour the houses of widows by scamming them with sweet words to satisfy my greed (Mk. 12:40), I am not living as a genuine disciple of Jesus. We are to come before God in honesty, and ask Him to illumine our real intentions behind our words and choice of actions. The poor widow is seen as a paradigm (Mk. 12:43-44). Her good action of giving coins was aimed primarily for God’s honour, without any agenda of praise from others, destroying another or obtaining a reward. May our words, actions and intentions all be aligned for God’s glory and everyone’s growth. Holy Spirit, let the light of Your truth shine on my intentions, words and actions so that all three may be aligned as You desire for the praise and worship of Your name. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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