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What is our ultimate concern? The dream or goal that is uppermost in our minds is the one that will motivate us to expend most of our energy and focus. The young man whose heart is set on the ‘girl next door’, will do everything to win her love. The student who dreams of a life of comfort will dedicate one’s focus on succeeding in the exams and obtaining proper employment. People who experience oppression will protest and call for change.

Believers are a people who not only live in this world and it’s concerns, but also are called by God to live in a manner that will allow us to spend eternity with Him. This means that our values, choices and lifestyle should give credence to the hope we have in the power of Christ and our own resurrection (Mk. 12:25-27). If spending eternity with our God is our real ultimate concern, then how are we living to attain this promise?

Lord Jesus, we believe that if we choose to die with You, then we will rise with you. May Your Spirit help us to live our lives so that we can attain the gift of eternity with You. Amen.

READINGS http://usccb.org/bible/readings/060320.cfm

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