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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Never doubt the power of God to rescue us from our fears, failures and crises. The ‘hand’ of the Lord is with us. But we have to take it and allow Him to save us. The same hands of the Lord that were stretched out on the cross as He died for our sins, are now stretched out to us from His risen body for our salvation. The hand of Jesus that rescued Peter from the sea, is the same hand now extended to lift us up from despair and desolation. Once we take the hand of the Lord with our own, we have no reason to fear anything that comes along in life. The hand that ‘shaped’ the world will carry us through the storms and sickness that surface; strengthen us through the pain of suffering and death; deliver us, like Paul (Acts 23:6-11), from the schemes and plots of others. Trust in the Lord at all times, let His hand guide our lives, and always worship Him with thanksgiving. Lord Jesus, Yours are the hands that created the world and recreate our lives. Give us the courage to place our hands in Yours, and walk with confidence in the power of Your love. Amen.


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