• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Jesus was a man of prayer. He knew that mutual love between Himself and His Father was affirmed by the moments set aside for prayer. He understood that before He spoke to the people, or did any action on their behalf, He had to seek guidance that imparted the grace that flows through prayer. He manifested care and concern for His Disciples as He lifted them up in prayer (Jn. 17:11-19). Believers are called to follow our Lord and imitate His ways. The irony of this statement is that while we strive to live good lives and do good things, how many of us can honestly say we give quality attention time to the Lord in prayer? Do we pray before we speak, respond or act in any situation? Do we pray for understanding and growth? Even in a ‘lock down’, do we make time for prayer? Ultimately, prayer keeps us rooted in the love of God. If prayer was so important to Jesus, then it should also be to us. Make time to pray. Lord Jesus, You are the way to the Father and eternal life. Pour Your Spirit into our lives, so that we will seek Your will and glorify Your name always through our moments of prayer. Amen.



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