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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

To be loved by a familiar person is a beautiful experience. To be loved by someone who is a distant stranger is a humbling experience. To be loved by God, who has the ‘whole world in His hands’ and therefore does not need anything from us except our love in return, is truly a mind-blowing reality. Do we spend enough time in prayer pondering this truth? “The Father himself loves you” (Jn. 16:27). God loves me. He loves me for who I am - His child. God loves me for who I can become - His saint. God loves me despite my past, in spite of my present, and is assured in my future. He who created me out of nothing now bestows everything on me. Today, ponder God’s love and give Him thanks. Holy Spirit, as we observe this second day of our novena, fill us with Your presence so that we will truly appreciate how much we are loved by our Father. May we never take this love for granted, but always give thanks to the Father, Son and You at all times. Amen.


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