• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

We are blessed by God to carry His word and presence to others. It is not an easy task. The feeling of being unworthy to do so will be part and parcel of our consciousness. The reality of making mistakes will be heavy on our hearts. The energy to rise above the darkness we encounter in others will drain our bodies (Acts 18:6a). The frustration of being rejected, misunderstood or resisting being manipulated will dampen our spirits. Paul experienced all these trials that affected his entire being. But his zeal for the Lord was an overpowering commitment. He knew the love and mercy of God, and would not allow the negative experiences to distract him from his mission. He fulfilled his responsibility in the eyes of God (Acts 18:6b). We too are called to be faithful to our task of being lights in all of life’s circumstances. Our focus on being Christ for others gives us true peace. Lord Jesus, as You revealed the Father’s love in every moment of your life, may we too have the courage to embrace and share Your word to all You bring into our lives. Amen.



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