• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Structure is part and parcel of our daily lives. Many of us start our mornings with set times for getting out of bed, praying, having breakfast, leaving for work or school (now at home), having lunch, exercising, having dinner, relaxation and retiring to bed.

The Mass has a set structure that has its own rhythm and parts. Sacraments are imparted and received after a required structure is observed. How many understand the structure of the Church? Jesus appoints the disciples (Jn. 15:16) to build His Church, and empowered Peter to be the head (Mt. 16:18). They gave direction to the Church through their actions, decisions and representatives (Acts 15:22). Every elected Pope is the successor to Peter. Every Bishop represents the Pope. Every Priest represents the Bishop. This structure enables unity to be observed in teachings, doctrines and practices. This structure is both biblical and practical. Will everyone — Clergy and Laity — agree and yield to it? Probably not. But then, not everyone fully follows the scriptures, nor loves with a pure and clean heart. Indeed, some people do not like a structured approach to life, prayer, worship or set hours to work. Understanding the structure of our lives and Church should yield peace and harmony. If not, seek the Lord who gave this structure to us. Lord Jesus, You give us the gift of the structure of our lives and Your Church. Help us to listen, so that our response may lead to the glory and honour of Your name. Amen.



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