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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

We are all on a journey. This journey involves learning from life’s experiences so that we can become better people who grow in wisdom, knowledge and faith. However, individuals and groups need to acknowledge that we are at different levels and stages in our spiritual lives. All can speak about love, but not everyone can love an enemy or forgive another person. We can speak about having faith, but not everyone exhibits strength and courage when crises hit our lives. We can raise our hands to praise God when things are going well, but suddenly flee from prayer and Church when things fall apart. These experiences are magnified in today’s gospel. The crowd followed the Lord because of his teachings and miracles. But many fell away (Jn. 6:66) when Jesus revealed His Body and Blood is real food. Peter may be struggling with the teaching, but unlike the crowd, he stayed with the Lord (Jn. 6:68). If the journey of a ‘thousand kilometres’ begins with the first step, then we need to make a continuous assessment of where we are on the road of our faith lives. Are we listening, believing and responding to the Lord as He desires? Are we advancing in the virtues of love and hope? May His grace help us to grow. Speak Lord Jesus, and help us to listen. Fill us with Your grace and power so that we will make every effort to grow in Your ways, and be pleasing in Your sight. Amen.


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