• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

We are to be conscious that being selective has merits and demerits. It is meritorious to pray at all times. It is unwise to claim prayer time when one should be applying specific hours to work and study. It is to our merit to choose friends who help us to grow and advance in the spiritual life. It is not a sign of grace to attack people who do not belong to our circle of religion or race, as Paul found out (Acts 9:4). The Jews selectively ate the Passover meal as a real sign of gratitude for being delivered from slavery in Egypt. But this meant a rejection of Jesus as He offered His Body and Blood that delivers us from sin and imparts eternal life (Jn. 6:54). In a world of so many choices and lifestyles, how do we approach selectivity? Be wise and accept Jesus fully as our God: love and forgive as He does, and allow the ‘scales’ to fall from our eyes (Acts 9:18). Lord Jesus, like Thomas, we acclaim You as our Lord and God. May Your Spirit lead us out of any darkness that comes from wrong selections, so that we may walk always in Your marvellous light and life. Amen.



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