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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Appetites left uncontrolled can lead to addiction. We all get hungry, whether it is for food, love, entertainment, health, exercise, connecting with other people, or for experiences that either reduce stress or make us feel elevated. But the satisfying of these various appetites can easily become our ‘master’ and we can lose control without even knowing until it is too late. How then do we avoid becoming ‘slaves’ to our addictions? Jesus warns the crowd that their motive for chasing after Him is not to be based solely on getting bread to satisfy their need (Jn. 6:26). Since we will always have appetites that need to be satisfied, the key to avoid addiction is to ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of self-control. Left to ourselves, we may not be able to recognise that the cravings for the ‘material’ and the boosting of the ego are slowly dragging us into the waters of perdition. Instead, we must have a ‘balanced’ diet, one that seeks to satisfy not just the physical, but also the spiritual. Cravings for the physical can lead to anxiety, increased stress and even death. A healthy appetite for things spiritual will lead to trust, peace and eternal life. Jesus, our Bread from heaven, is not only willing to feed our hunger for righteousness, but will also empower us to ‘fast’ from destructive addictions. Today, trust Him. Lord Jesus, as You feed us with Your love and grace to satisfy our every longing, teach us how to avoid or curb any appetite that may threaten our relationship with You. Amen.


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