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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

“In the beginning.” These three words at the start of the book of Genesis and the gospel of John provide the platform for the creation of all in existence through the presence of God, and the re-creation of life through the resurrection of Jesus. In both accounts, we see a beautiful spiritual truth. In Genesis God spoke, “Let there be” (Liturgy of the Word) and everything appears. In John, Jesus teaches through a series of discourse (Liturgy of the Word) and the ‘light’ of wisdom is gleaned over the passage of time. Genesis unfolds with the creation of plants and animals that will serve our needs, for which we are expected to give thanks to God (Eucharist). Today John shows Jesus taking the ‘gifts’ from the disciples (Jn. 6:11), and after giving thanks (Liturgy of the Eucharist), fed the people. From the beginning, the Divine plan constitutes Word and Eucharist. The Word instructs, and the Eucharist feeds and satisfies. Since our God already knows and provides for all that we need, then today ask for the grace to trust in His plan. Lord Jesus, as Word made flesh, You are the living Bread that nourishes our minds and feeds our souls. Help us to trust Your plans for our lives that lead to Your glory. Amen.


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