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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

The tension between obeying God rather than men (Acts 5:29) is a constant reality that requires discernment. Leaders are expected to serve in a manner that bring glory to God and the benefit of the people. Citizens are required to comply with the laws for everyone’s safety. But what happens when policies spur a crisis in the practice of our faith? We see the Apostles wilfully disobeying the orders they were given (Acts 5:28). Many today are upset with the policies of Church and State in the COVID-19 pandemic. So do we imitate the Apostles and wilfully disobey, or is there a way forward that brings peace? There is almost never a simple solution to any complex issue. But believers can apply certain key principles in the discernment process as it concerns the right course of action: * Everything must start and end with an authentic prayer life. God must lead. * Every action and intention must be scrutinised. Is it my ego or the Spirit speaking? * Do I truly believe this action is for the good of all, and not just for myself or family? * Am I ready to be a part of the solution, not just with words but also my presence? * Do I acknowledge where I am spiritually, so as to speak from a place of honesty? * Do I want my spouse, children and family to imitate my eventual decision? God gives each of us the necessary grace to respond to the various challenges in our lives. However, a life of discernment understands that there is a difference between the call of the crowd and that of the individual. The response in each vocation is our gift to God. Lord Jesus, You willingly gave Yourself fully to the Father’s will. Pour Your Spirit upon us, so that we may humbly discern Your purpose in our lives, and live as You desire. Amen.


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