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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Ordinary to extra-ordinary. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead has transformed what was ordinary days to extra-ordinary times. The natural movement of life from birth to death is now converted to ‘new’ birth and eternal life. The usual routine of fishing (Jn. 21: 3-11) is elevated into a missionary metaphor for catching people (Lk. 5:10). We are ordinary human beings, but we worship an extra-ordinary God who gives new grace each day. As we continue to find ways to cope with the guidelines and restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic, one way to elevate our minds and hearts is to take comfort in the fact that our risen Lord is with us. The ‘ordinary’ duties of cleaning and cooking, caring for the healthy and sick, working from home or office, not only give us meaning, but are truly raised by God to achieve His purpose and glory. May our lives ‘lift’ and inspire others. Lord Jesus, in the power of Your resurrection, You reveal that You are with us always. May our work give you honour, and our lives celebrate and reflect your unending love. Amen.


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