• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

Yesterday, we read the continuing verses from Matthew’s gospel that was started on Holy Saturday night. Today, we are continuing the verses from John’s gospel (Jn. 20:11-18) that we began on Easter Sunday (Jn. 20:1-9). We can see some differences in the two gospel accounts. Whereas Matthew reports two Marys, one angel, and Jesus appearing to both women, John reports only one Mary, two angels and Jesus calling Mary’s name. These differences affirm the fact of Jesus’s resurrection, but written from different angles. Matthew and John had their own sources and style of writing. It is very important to pay attention to what we read and hear, and not get lulled into thinking, ‘I know this story.’ Each gospel writer has a unique perspective. Jesus calls Mary and each of us by name. He gives everyone a personal grace to face and overcome one’s context of life. Therefore, like the gospel writers, each believer is called to write your own faith journey. It is a journey that is always accompanied with the risen Lord who is by our side. He has given His angels the charge to watch over us. The stripes on His body, and the marks of the nails in His hands and feet, impart healing and strength. Each of us is precious in His sight. His saving presence will provide the comfort and strength that is needed. Lord Jesus, as you called Mary’s name and filled her with hope, call my name daily, so that I too may be filled with the joy and power of Your resurrection. Amen.



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