• Fr. Howard Thompson

Triddum Bytes

Today we reflect on the readings from the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper. It will be a Triduum (three ‘days’ starting from the evening of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and goes through Holy Saturday all the way to the evening of Easter Sunday - sunset to sunset being the calculation of a ‘day’) unlike any other in recent memory. I am missing your presence in Church. We are missing the beautiful celebration of our salvation as a gathering. Allow me to offer three practical ways we can observe the Triduum in our homes: 1. Holy Thursday evening - the people were instructed to slaughter a lamb in the evening twilight and place the blood on the doorposts (Ex. 12:6-7). Consider affixing a red cloth or bow on your doors and/or windows. You can replace the red cloth with strings of red lights, which can be lit tonight and tomorrow night, showing our Exodus connection. Find the time to wash each other’s feet (Jn. 13:4-5) showing our role as servants. 2. Good Friday - ensure you have a crucifix (as opposed to a cross) in the house and place it in a prominent position for all the family to gather around. Spend time as a family and as individuals to gaze on the crucified Christ; ponder His love; feel the suffering He endured for our salvation; and cultivate minds and hearts full of gratitude. Bathe in His mercy. 3. Holy Saturday - replace the red cloth or lights with white lights. These can be lit in the evening and stay affixed for the Octave (eight days) of Easter. Let the lights be a source and symbol of our joy in the resurrection of our Lord, for ourselves and neighbours. Lord Jesus, we thank and praise You for being our spotless Lamb, whose blood makes us clean, whose death gives us life and whose resurrection gives us eternal hope. Amen.



Do join our live streaming of the Triduum celebration as follows: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper - 6:00pm Good Friday - Word Service at Noon with reflections on the Seven Last Words Holy Saturday - Vigil Mass at 6:00pm Easter Sunday - Mass of the Resurrection at 9:00am

A Blessed Easter to you all.

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