• Fr. Howard Thompson

Holy Week Bytes

Why is there suffering and pain in our lives and in our world? That question has been asked by philosophers, anthropologists and social scientists. Those in the medical profession try to solve the varied illnesses that affect our physiology and psychology. Theologians strive to give spiritual solutions constitutive in the healing process. But we human beings are all limited in gleaning answers that fully satisfy the question of suffering. So where do we look for an answer? Believers learn over the passage of time to use the gift of reason to address and solve what we can. But when we cannot move beyond a certain point, that is when faith takes precedence. If we cannot arrive at a solution, then we merely trust in our God who has all the answers. Those who scoff at this approach fail to give a workable solution. Those who believe take comfort in Jesus. Our Lord was sinless, but was not spared suffering (Mt. 26:18). The key to embracing His suffering was for Jesus to have a purpose and meaning through His crucifixion. He was pierced for our sins, and by His stripes we are healed (Is.53:5; Heb. 9:28). Ultimately, it was love that made Him suffer. We cannot escape suffering. But we can join our sufferings with Christ’s, for our healing and the salvation of all. Lord Jesus, You willingly accepted suffering for my sake by allowing Your body as Bread to be broken on the cross. Teach me how to not only humbly accept my suffering, but join it to Your perfect sacrifice for our healing and ultimate good. Amen.



Beloved, do give yourself more generously to prayer during Holy Week. Make time for family and personal prayer. Our Adoration Chapel is open from 6:30am to 7:30pm. The Church is also open for quiet devotion for the Stations of the Cross, or silent meditation by the tabernacle. Let us journey with the Lord and anoint His feet with our prayers. Blessings.

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