• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Our God shows compassion by saying ‘He will gather His scattered people from among the nations, deliver them from their divisions, cleanse them from their idols and sins, and make them into one people under His reign’ (Ez. 37:21-23). The current Covid-19 pandemic calls for separation by social distancing. Can we hear the same words of the Lord being spoken to us in our contemporary experience? International guidelines call for physical isolation. Borders are closed and travel is being suspended or minimal. These create a sense of division and disconnect. Yet, our God uses every moment as an opportunity to gather us back to Him. God is making us aware that our idols of wealth, power and pleasure are powerless to save us. He calls us to repent of our sins so that He can bring us back to Himself. Heed the voice of the Lord and live. Lord Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd who comes searching for us. You gather us back to Yourself by Your blood and grace. Teach us how to listen to You, so that we may have the unutterable joy and peace that comes from being Your gathered sheep. Amen.



Do join us for our live stream Palm/Passion Sunday Mass tomorrow at 9am. Kindly have your palm in hand so that we can have a virtual blessing of palms at the beginning.

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