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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

‘Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home’. This statement is proving true on many levels during this Covid-19 pandemic. Every home is now celebrated as a sanctuary of real safety as we follow the guidelines. Naturally, a renewed appreciation of others in the home also carries an inbuilt challenge to deal with the stress that comes from confinement, assault on personal space, or even the more intense loss of energy dealing with the different mindsets and personalities on an increased basis. So how do we cope? Despite His good works, Jesus could not prevent the ‘infection’ of evil words against Him. He had to withdraw to the place where John first baptised (Jn. 10:40), the location from which His ministry began. He went there to gain strength from His Father and familiar people. In our current homes, let us do the same. When the stress builds: return to a moment in time when we felt God’s love and mercy. When frustration reigns at home: recall the honeymoon. When anger or sadness threatens: affirm the love that is present. When we feel the negative energy beginning to overtake us, like Jesus, let us go back to the familiar moments of inspiration, and feel the strength of solidarity with the known place and people. This allows us to gain motivation and courage to face each moment with hope, and a resolve to persevere with a sense of victory.

Even if I live alone, I still take my worries to my Father who was with Jesus in His lonely moments, and who is always with me. Our positive mindset will keep us afloat. The grace given from God will be sufficient. Lord Jesus, You always trusted in Your Father’s love and power to carry You through the varied moments of Your life. May we follow Your example, and be renewed through the presence of Your Spirit and grace. Amen.


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