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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Mass, Fourth Sunday of Lent

Beloved, as we continue to adjust to a new way of interacting, you are invited to view today's Mass which was streamed live on Facebook this morning.

In this time of Covid-19 crisis, we need to maintain our faith and confidence in our God. As we practice the valid and necessary guidelines to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe, may we also do what we can to maintain our prayer lives and do any good deed for the lonely, elderly, homeless and poor in our midst.

It is with this in mind that I urge you give generously to your Church for our ongoing efforts in evangelisation and outreach to those most in need.

Below you will see the details of Stella Maris' Bank Account. If you are able, you can send an electronic transfer of funds to our account, and do send an email to so that I can reply with a thank you. Should you prefer, you may take your cheque/cash donation to the office and ensure you collect a receipt.

Let us continue to let our light shine for the glory of God.

Bank Name: CIBC First Caribbean Bank

Branch Name: Manor Park

Account Name: Stella Maris Church

Account Type: Current

Account Number: 18004919


Fr. Howie

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