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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

The only constant in life is change. One minute we are walking on familiar ground, the next we find ourselves navigating a shaking floor or staring at a gaping hole. Yet a people of faith have no reason to fear the constancy of change. How did Abraham cope with moving away from his familiar place into an unknown territory? How did Moses and the people survive the uncertainty of the wilderness as against the ‘comfort’ of Egypt? What motivated the Disciples to leave their former lives and branch out into their new vocation? The answer, in their case and in ours, is the confidence of knowing God is with us. The Lord of all time, seasons and places is present in the current reality of new changes. Locally and internationally, changes have been effected which disrupt our personal, family and social lives. This includes the suspension of Church activities. Yet in these moments we are more than conquerors. Like the Biblical characters, we too can say God is close to us (Dt. 4:7). It is He who will guide and bless us in the new normal. Hold on to Him and be at peace. Loving Father, You continuously reveal Your saving power in the vicissitudes of life. May we have the courageous faith to boldly face each challenge with expectant hope, believing that You will work out all things for our good and the glory of Your name. Amen.


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