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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

In the face of the current pandemic of Covid-19, how do we keep calm and not panic? The readings today offer some solutions. Jesus states that we are made clean by our God’s merciful forgiveness, and this cleanliness must be extended by forgiving others from our heart (Mt. 18:35). The peace that comes from this experience not only settles the mind and boosts our immune system, but it also gives a quiet confidence to our heart. By surrendering our whole heart and praying to God, we learn to increasingly trust in God’s power to deliver us and bring glory to His name (Dn. 3:41-43). As we habitually draw closer to our God in the ‘quiet of our heart’ and the ‘silence of our room’ (Mt. 6:6), the more we will recognise the gift of true peace that invades our minds and simultaneously strengthens our bodies. God is our ‘eye’ in the storm. Do not be afraid. Trust in Him. Lord Jesus, we surrender ourselves to Your Spirit and place all our hope in You. Keep us safe, free our minds and hearts from fear and unforgiveness, so that with our lips we may thank You, and with our lives celebrate Your goodness. Amen.


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