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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

We are now living a new normal. Local and global information has brought the force of the awareness and effects of Covid-19 to our consciousness. We are mandated to exercise care in what we do, such as observing proper hygiene and keeping a safe social distance from others. However, we should take care in the information we receive and often share. Discernment is required to sift the relevant facts from the hasty and emotional fake news. Today’s instruction from Elisha to Naaman, “Wash and be clean” (2 Kgs. 5:13) is a guide we can embrace. We was our hands with soap and water for twenty seconds. We protect the self and others by refraining from touching others. This also applies to information. We need to responsibly ‘wash and clean’ any information we receive to ensure we impart only verified facts. Our praying hands ought not to share fake news that adds to stress. Lord Jesus, as we implore You to make us clean from our sins by Your blood and word, may we also act responsibly in doing what is physically, psychologically and spiritually good. Amen.


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