• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

“Our Father in heaven” (Mt. 6:9). These beautiful words are given to us from His Son, Jesus the Christ. The parable that Jesus shares (Lk. 15:11-32) gives us an insight into our Father. Our human father on earth may provide glimpses of the care that our heavenly Father imparts. But weak human beings are better compared with the vile actions of the young son or the stubborn rejection of the older son. Our heavenly Father’s love and mercy goes above the demands of justice, and beyond the requirements of logic. In the parable, the father had every right to ignore and reject both sons. Neither of them had displayed the good qualities that affirm they are his sons. Yet we hear the following:

  • The father makes the move to meet the son who had strayed and the stubborn son.

  • He never rejects either but calls both “My son”.

  • He welcomes the younger son, makes a sacrifice and grants new life in the house.

  • He reminds the older son that everything he owns is his, including his space in the house.

The father’s loving mercy can conquer the sons’ darkness if they come back to him. As we continue our journey during this Lenten Season, may we have the courage to always allow the Father to touch us with His love, and never be afraid to draw close to Him. Loving Father, take me as I am, refine and purify me as I walk with You, and never allow me to depart or stay away from You, for You are my all in all. Amen.



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