• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

We worship a God who is jealous (Ex. 20:5).Although He does not need our attention, He desires our worship, for no other reason than wanting us to know how much He loves us and is ever willing to bless us. God’s jealousy prompts Him to provide for our daily needs so that we may trust and praise Him. His call to acknowledge Him alone as our true God stirs His power to protect, heal, forgive and lead us into eternal life. God’s jealousy is contrasted with human jealousy, the latter always in need of purification. We see this reality in today’s reading (Gn. 37:3-28). Joseph’s brothers were so jealous of him, that they hated him to the point of not even greeting him. In their distance from him, evil moved into their hearts. Their unkind thoughts and words led to a plan to kill Joseph. Do we allow our jealousy to imitate theirs, or stir us to bring life and real joy?

Loving Father, as You have revealed Your passionate love for me and the well-being of all, may I choose to generously give you my all as a sign of my love. Amen.



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