• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

To give authentic worship to God, means to place God above all people, things and even experiences. It is so easy to acknowledge God at the centre of our lives, but somehow find it just as easy to quickly replace or remove God from the pinnacle of our lives. This is a simple way to explain why we yield to temptation and fall into sin. It captures why our work, ambition and thirst for material things become barriers to true worship. Temptation is an ongoing spiritual battle in our daily lives. The demands of work will drain our energy. Our ambition, married to our ego, often provides the reason for making choices that distance us from God. Zeal for the temporary material things can eclipse the eternal spiritual things that matter. One remedy to correct this is to embrace an attitude of humility. We read in the gospel that “whoever humbles oneself will be exalted” (Mt. 23:12). We need to recognize that we are weak. We need help to live the life that pleases God. This is when we should humble ourselves, and honestly acknowledge that it is only by the grace, mercy and love of God that we can truly live our lives to the full. Jesus could easily have made His work, the people in His life or the experiences everyone desires be sources of distraction. Instead He humbled Himself, put His Father first, and was exalted. Lord Jesus, help me to follow Your example by seeking my Father’s presence first, humble myself in your sight, and allow Your Spirit to lift me above the distractions of life. Amen.



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