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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

In life, we can approach every experience in the ‘expected’ or ‘exceptional’ manner. We can do a task with minimum effort with the aim of simply getting it done. Or, we can dive into the project with every fibre of our being, not only to get it done, but to make a totally involved input that we feel moved to celebrate when it is finished. In the spiritual life, we can do the expected of going to Church, ‘saying’ our prayers and walking with a heavy heart in the Lord’s ways. Or, we can recognize the love, mercy and compassion of our exceptional God, and make our moments with Him a total giving of self. This is how we are moved to love our enemies in an exceptional manner (Mt. 5:43-48). Lord Jesus, may Your grace empower me to love without exception, forgive without limit, and remain steadfast without excuse. Amen.


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