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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

It is not easy to show love to everyone. Some people make it difficult to love them as their words, attitude and actions often leave a lot to be desired. Left to our own inclinations we would prefer to keep our distance. However, as a people of God, we are commanded to be holy and show love to all (Lv. 19::1-2, 11-18). This dictate to love is to be evidenced by the concrete actions Jesus highlights in the gospel (Mt. 25: 31-46). Our God is not calling us to be machines who perform tasks because He said so. At the ‘heart’ of our actions must be a genuine desire and real intention to love. We should give glory to God and worship Him because we love Him, and not because we feel obliged to do it. We should reach out to all, even the difficult personalities who manifest ‘darkness’, and allow real love to colour our actions. We cannot do this on our own strength, we need the grace of God. The capacity to practice boundless love only comes through prayer. Lord Jesus, as I listen to Your voice to show concrete signs of care, may I learn how to continually draw close to You in prayer, so that Your grace may touch my heart and help me to make genuine love be the wellspring of all my actions. Amen.


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