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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Lent invites us to journey with our Lord in a more intense and focussed mindset. Jesus declares in today’s gospel that He must suffer (Lk.9:22). The Word who conforms to the commandments suffers because of its demands. He freely allowed Himself to experience suffering so that we who follow Him might be saved. Our salvation comes at a cost. Now we are invited to show our gratitude by choosing to suffer with Him. Giving ourselves in prayer means turning off the television and radio, and suspending our pre-occupation with social media in order to be ‘in tune’ with God. Fasting will make us hungry and creates a desire for the meal or item we have given up. Sharing our time, talent and treasure will affect our resources and emotions. But if we undertake these spiritual activities freely, our faith tells us that if we suffer with Him, we will also rise with Him. Lord Jesus, help me to join the sufferings of my penance and sacrifice with Your agony on the cross. May these purify me and lead me into the eternal joys of Your kingdom. Amen.


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