• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Our mouths can say anything. We speak at times with or without reflection, and sometimes with little or great conviction. The truly sincere speech is one that is based on interior disposition, and then evidenced by exterior actions. So if I say I love someone but fail to provide for that person’s needs, then that utterance is questionable. If I say I forgive but show signs of malice, then my word is shallow. The above is also applicable in our spiritual lives. Anyone can say I love God, but this love has to be substantiated. Jesus reveals how to love God (Mk. 12:28-34). True love starts from the heart given over to God. The soul then seeks to embrace and be one with God. The mind contemplates how to please God. We use our strength to walk in the ways of God. Love is a total giving of self, not just words. Lord Jesus, You are Word made flesh. Pour Your Spirit upon us, so that through our words and ‘flesh’, we will show our love for You and neighbour.


Fr. Howie



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