• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Every Disciple is called to learn, ponder and teach. Jesus teaches us His word. He expects us to make Disciples of others by teaching them through our words and lives. However the human dilemma of faithfully following His word is a struggle each Disciple has to own. We may be disposed to learn and ponder, but we also sometimes fail to execute in our lives the lessons that were taught.

Jesus makes an important distinction in today’s word (Mt. 5:17-19). Knowledge of the law does not guarantee its observance. God gives us the law which leads to life. But our free will, the ability to choose and our weaknesses cause us to break the law and yield to sin. We are called to become ‘greater’ Disciples by our repentance, and renew our commitment to obey and teach others.

Lord Jesus, help us to live by Your word. Forgive us when we fail, and grant us the grace to strive to be better Disciples in Your hands. Amen


Fr. Howie



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