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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

There is no greater feeling than the satisfaction one feels from a job well done. The positive results obtained as a result of the energy, dedication and hard work expended, yield a sense of purpose and peace. This is true in any context: raising a child or teaching a pupil; tending flowers or harvesting a farm; managing a desk or running a company; giving medication to the sick or performing surgery. God who created all things, looked on His work and saw that it was good. When we do our work well, that same sense of feeling good is ours. In today’s parable (Mt. 21:33-46), the tenants were expected to do good work in the vineyard. But they lost sight of the value of work and for whom they worked. Their focus was their benefit (Mt. 21:38).

Today, may our work please the Lord and give us meaning and peace. Loving Father, we pray that today our work in the context of our lives will give You honour, as we strive to please You in all things. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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