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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

Our God is three Persons in one. All three Persons act as one, doing everything to draw us into their sacred presence, to enjoy a bond of love that goes beyond time and space. Our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier gives us life, grants new life and offers eternal life. There is one purpose and will of God - for us to spend eternity with Him. The gift of our salvation is threatened when we think, speak and do things that are contrary to God’s word which guides our lives. Lent is that time to express true sorrow for our sins, and to unite three acts of penance as one action of love. Our combined prayer, fasting and generosity (Mt. 25:31-40) open the gates of blessings and real joy. Lord, we worship, praise and celebrate You as three Persons in one God. May our three actions of prayer, fasting and generosity be a combined action of love that finds favour in your sight. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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