• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

During Lent, we follow the ‘bridegroom’ into the wilderness and fast with Him. The ‘bridegroom is taken away’ (Mt. 9:15) and so we fast to unite our journey with His for our spiritual growth. It is through fasting that we learn to feed more on His word of life (Mt. 4:4). We become not only aware of our weakness, but also how to rely on His power. Today as we choose to abstain from meat and even fast from a meal or meal item, let us ask the Lord to fill this space with His Spirit, word and grace. May our fast help us to break the habits of sin, attachment to guilt, insincere intentions or actions that do not lead to life. Let us walk and fast with the Lord, so that we may gain our ‘fill’ of salvation. Lord Jesus, may our fast today help us to grow into a people who choose to bring life, joy and peace to others. Amen.



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