• Fr. Howard Thompson

Christmas Bytes

Among the memories of my childhood are those I spent with my grandmother. She raised animals and it was my joy to play with them. I always took delight in gathering leaves, fruit and grass to feed the goats daily. It gave me such a thrill to have them eat from hands. I would scratch the heads of the adult goats and caress the kids as they licked their lips and shook their tails.

Christmas comprised the joy of the gathering family and the pain of seeing one of the goats slaughtered for the feast. It was difficult to watch, and there were times when I cried as the pain of seeing a kid grow into an adult with whom I had a ‘bond’ was to be killed. Jesus is identified as the “Lamb of God” (Jn. 1:29). Mary’s joy at His birth and growth culminates in the pain of His sacrifice. Worthy is the Lamb.

Lord Jesus, we thank and praise for being our Lamb, whose sacrifice on the cross leads to our forgiveness, and whose death yields life. May we choose to daily die with You, so that we may inherit the gift of eternal life with You.


Fr. Howie



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