• Fr. Howard Thompson

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Our attitude to death stems from our belief in the origin of life. The many scientific and materialistic proposals regarding the origin of life still do not answer the question, “From where or whom did that spark, atom, speck, cell or first sign of life originate?” The answer will determine how we view life and, ultimately, the reality of death.

Believers posit the view that all life comes from God (Gn. 1&2). He is the Uncreated Creator (Aquinas) from whom all creation comes into existence. This belief imparts comfort, that our coming from God means we return to Him. All live and are alive in Him (Lk. 20:38). It is this article of faith that gives meaning to life and hope in death.

Lord Jesus, we live in this world because of Your will and love. May our lives glorify Your holy name, so that we can joyfully celebrate You now, and prepare ourselves to be with You in the life to come. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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