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Motive and Mission are two important aspects of the disciple’s life. When they are synchronised, it leads to the advancement of God’s kingdom. However, when they are disjointed, not only is growth suppressed, but it also leads to unhappiness for the King and His subjects. The connecting bridge for motive and mission is love. The first two servants in today’s parable showed loved and respect for their master. They received their coins, followed his wishes to put the money to work, and eventually made a profit. The treasury had grown, and all were pleased (Lk. 19:13-19). The third servant, who operated out of fear and not love, did not make any profit (Lk. 19:20). On first glance, the master’s instructions to take the coin away from him and give it to the one who had ten, seems harsh ( Lk. 19:24). But a closer examination reveals the master saying that the servant could have put it in the bank and earned something (Lk. 19:23). His motive and focus of self-preservation, rather than mission, stunted growth. Lord Jesus, may my motive to serve You and my actions to build Your kingdom, always find Your favour and blessing. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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