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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Today's Byte

Advertisers and ordinary conversations are now beginning to look forward to Christmas. Although we still have two whole months to go, the anticipation of the joy and gladness that comes when we gather as families and friends, spurs us to look ahead with hope. The sense of being together and reconnecting at Christmas, acts as a cure to the business and distance felt throughout the year. In a spiritual sense, today’s Solemnity of All Souls, is an anticipation of the eternal Christmas that is to come. Death creates a space and physical distance from our loved ones. But our prayers for them keeps us connected, and fills us with the hope of being fully united one day at the eternal banquet of the Lamb. Sin and death separates. But the blood of the Lamb saves and reconciles (Rm. 5:9-11). Trust in Him. Lord Jesus, You are our resurrection and our life. As we commend our departed loved ones into Your hands, may You welcome them into Your eternal kingdom. May You bathe us with Your mercy, grace and blood, so that we too may inherit that place You have promised, and be forever united with You and our loved ones forever and ever. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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